3 Tree Care Tips From a Reliable Tree Service Provider

Keeping a Happy Tree and Healthy Landscape

A happy, healthy landscape is the consequence of properly caring for your trees over the summer. Whether it’s pest inspections, tree trimming, or watering trees, summer is the perfect time to follow these 3 tree care tips from a reliable tree service provider.


As much an art as a science, trimming trees. The majority of tree trimming should take place in the dormant season, however, there are a few instances where summertime pruning is required. To start, for the sake of the tree’s health as well as public safety, all branches that are sick, dead, or damaged should be removed. Second, the optimal time to prune trees that bloom in the spring is right after they have finished blossoming, in the early summer. Magnolias, cherry blossoms, and lilacs are on this list. Also, keep in mind that specialists should be hired to trim huge trees.

Tree pest inspections

Throughout the summer, regularly check trees for insect infestations. Even though the great majority of insects do not harm trees, being aware of any possible pest issues with trees early on provides you an advantage in combating them. During the summer, a variety of pests are active, including aphids, bagworms, Japanese beetles, magnolia scales, and spider mites. Both trained arborists and your neighborhood cooperative extension office can assist you in identifying these tree pests.

Replenish mulch

Mulch may help you keep moisture in check. Restock the mulch that surrounds your tree this summer. Alternatively, if your trees aren’t already mulched, spend some time adding a 3- to 5-inch layer of mulch to the soil, starting a few inches from the tree’s base and continuing 1-2 feet in all directions (forming a circle around the tree).

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