Achieve a Healthy Tree With Tree Service

Healthy Tree Indicators

All landscapes should include trees. They are not only lovely, but they also boost property value and offer shade and cleaner air. But a tree’s well-being is frequently disregarded. By carefully caring for them and hiring a tree service contractor, you can safeguard your investments in leafy plants. What is the best way to determine whether your trees are healthy? Find out what to watch for by reading on.

Many Leaves

Healthy trees produce thick, dependable leaf bundles that cover their whole canopy. Regardless of age, bald patches on a tree are abnormal. Uneven pruning, chemical damage, pest infestation, disease, or nutrient deficiency are all possible causes of bare patches.

Strong Bark

Generally speaking, healthy trees have thick, uniform bark. Except for select trees, like birches and maples, the bark shouldn’t be loose or peeling. Additionally free of fungi, dead branches, sizable holes, and fissures are healthy trunks.

Full, Robust Branches

A healthy tree should have sturdy branches that are difficult to bend or shatter. There should be a lively, robust core of green underneath the thin coating of bark on the outside. While spotting a few dead or broken branches here and there is common, finding an abundance of them could be a negative indicator. In any case, trim them right away because they constitute a significant “come here” for pests and diseases.

Healthy Leaves

A tree’s well-being can be determined by its healthy leaves. Verify if the color is appropriate for the season. Make sure the edges are not crunchy. If they aren’t naturally yellow or yellow-green, they shouldn’t be.


A healthy tree often has just one leader, which is a sturdy vertical branch that emerges from the top of the trunk. A tree’s leader strengthens and stabilizes its structure in addition to maintaining a straight, solid profile. A tree with multiple leaders may split apart, leaving it vulnerable to disease and hungry insects.

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