An Experienced Tree Service Shares the Signs That You Already Need to Prune Your Trees

Signs Your Tree Needs to Be Pruned

Most homeowners find it difficult to determine whether the trees on their property need to be trimmed. The damage or indicators of stress may appear almost too minor to notice at times, while other times it may seem as though the entire tree needs to be removed. Thus, a tree service created a list of the indications that your trees require pruning.

Broken Branches

When you discover damaged branches on your trees, this is the first time you should think about pruning them. Pruning broken branches on your tree is crucial because it will prevent the tree from diverting resources away from other regions in order to heal the damage. Damaged branches can entirely separate from the tree and fall, causing damage to your property or personal injury. They are also an accident waiting to happen. It is advisable to prune any broken branches as soon as you discover them.

Branches Growing Near Power Lines

Consider trimming down your tree’s branches if they are starting to encroach on any adjacent power wires. This might present a fire risk, therefore you should call in an arborist to assess the tree and decide whether or not a tree pruning is required for safety.

Excessive or Dense Growth

Maybe there are too many branches growing on your trees. You can cut extra branches to regulate the tree’s development, whether the growth is encroaching on surrounding trees or your home or you’re just wanting to change the tree’s beauty.

Dead or Sick Limbs

When a tree limb is dead or diseased, that is one of the most crucial times to think about cutting it. The tree will continue to devote energy to a dead limb even after it has stopped growing new branches. The same applies to ill and diseased limbs. Even while tree illnesses frequently end up affecting the entire tree, if you spot isolated regions of the disease, you might be able to save the tree by cutting the problematic branches.

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