Booking a Tree Service to Properly Care Your Trees

Problems That May Occur With Trees in Late Summer

When the weather becomes chilly after a long, warm growing season with lush green foliage, trees can occasionally experience issues. Your trees might grow stronger next year if you take proper care of them by using a tree service. To understand more about cautionary indicators, including premature color changes in leaves and the presence of galls brought on by undesirable insects and pests, continue reading below.

Leaves Changing Color Too Soon

Trees typically change their green leaves into gorgeous yellow and red patterns in the middle of October. Something might be wrong if this starts happening in August or September. Early leaf aging could indicate disease development or stress.

  • Diseases That Can Affect Trees

Pay close attention to any fraying or black areas on your leaves. This is a clear sign of illnesses like anthracnose. Ensure all the leaves are raked up and disposed of far from your yard, as this can aid a sick tree. The illness seeps into the soil and tree roots if old, diseased leaves are left on the ground or mulched into your grass, where it will reappear the following season.

  • Indicators of Tree Stress

All parts of a tree’s body, from the root ball to the trunk, bark, branches, and leaves, are susceptible to stress. The abnormally hot and dry summer may have strained trees, causing them to lose their leaves earlier than usual. Dehydration may be present if you observe leaves that abruptly change from green to brown with no color gradient in between. To lessen the strain on your tree, think about placing a soaker hose near its base. The water Mother Nature does not currently supply will be absorbed and stored by the trunk and roots.

The Presence of Galls

Galls are frequently brought on by termites, mites, wasps, and other parasites that cling to trees. Observe any brown, lumpy balls that are fastened to the tree stump. These typically contain an insect within. These galls may typically be left alone, especially in the late summer when the occupant has fled. Whether the galls represent a genuine infestation is the most crucial risk factor.

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