Hiring a Tree Cutting Service to Do the Branch Removal

The Dangers of DIY Tree Branch Removal

Pruning correctly promotes tree health and longevity and makes your tree stronger, safer, and more attractive, so it might be tempting to try it yourself. After all, you could be forgiven for thinking that removing tree branches is a simple task. However, there are serious risks associated with removing tree branches. Not to mention that improper pruning can make your tree sick, weak, and more susceptible to disease and pest infestation. This is why it is critical to always use a professional tree cutting service.

So, why is it risky to remove tree branches yourself? We’ll go over this in more detail later.

Tree Branches Can Be Much Heavier Than You Think

If a falling tree branch appears to be small from the ground, it can cause significant damage to you and your property if not handled safely and correctly. Tree branches can be deceptively heavy, posing serious hazards when they fall several meters to the ground.

You Could Damage Your Tree

Unless you’re cutting specific branches for a specific purpose, you’re doing it wrong. You could be causing your tree to weaken and fall over in severe weather by compromising its structural integrity. The tree may also be more vulnerable to pest infestation and disease.

Chainsaws and Power Tools

Using chainsaws and other power tools is dangerous, but when you’re up a tree? Even more so. And, working with trees poses significant risks. Many people have died or been seriously injured while performing DIY tree work; don’t become a statistic.

Injury From Dead or Sick Falling Branches

While removing a branch, you may be unaware that a massive, heavy, dead branch is above it. The movement of the tree can cause the dead branch to fall, which can be extremely dangerous if not anticipated.

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