Hiring a Tree Pruning Service to Avoid Trimming Errors

Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trimming Their Trees

When looking for a pruning service, it is critical to find a professional company that considers all the variables that affect the tree-trimming process. Numerous things can be corrected when working with trees. Before searching for “tree pruning service near me,” keep reading to learn about three common mistakes when trimming trees.

Trimming Too Little or Too Much

Removing trees can help prevent the spread of arboreal diseases and keep homes safe from falling trees. In many cases, simply pruning the limbs is ideal, but pruning too little or too much can cause problems. If only a portion of the tree is trimmed, the process will have to be repeated soon. Over-prunning, on the other hand, can result in severe tree damage. The tree may not receive enough nutrition if the branches are too heavily pruned. In other cases, excessive pruning causes uncontrolled sprouting, necessitating additional pruning. When too much foliage is removed from a tree, it becomes vulnerable to sun damage.

Trimming During the Wrong Season

Seasonal changes affect trees; some seasons are better than others for pruning. Winter is usually the best time for pruning. Disease-carrying pests are less active, so the tree’s wounds are less likely to become infected. The tree’s energy will be used for new, healthy growth as the weather warms. The arborist has a better visual and can be more precise with fewer or no leaves.

Trimming with Poorly Maintained Tools

Tree-trimming tools, like surgical tools, must be sanitized. When a tool is used to remove a diseased branch from one tree, the disease can spread to another healthy tree. Fungal infections are especially likely to spread through contaminated tools. Furthermore, dull tools take longer to complete a job and may result in incorrect cuts. Clean, sharp tools are required for proper job completion and quick, healthy wound healing.

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