Hiring a Tree Pruning Service to Help Identify the Strength of Your Tree

How Can I Tell if a Tree Is Weak?

The importance of trees in our life ought to be obvious. Trees provide an almost limitless number of advantages, whether you build a tree house as a child or plant a maple tree to raise the value of your home as an adult. And even though many of us had enjoyed sitting in hammocks draped from majestic trees like age-old oaks, when was the last time you gave the tree’s health any thought? Even if it may appear like a big tree is stronger than steel, we need to take care of them and keep them in good condition so we can continue to enjoy them in the future. But how do we know when a tree is weakening and becoming unsafe?

If you need help determining whether your tree needs assistance, carefully examine it for damage, weak points, and other potential dangers. Before hiring a tree pruning service for your property, look for the following.

Look for a Leaning Trunk

From a distance, check the tree for a sagging trunk, damaged limbs, or odd branch angles. These all indicate that engaging with your tree might not be safe.

Scan around the Base

Keep an eye out for warning signals from the tree’s base to about three feet up the trunk from the ground. The beginning of the uprooting process can be seen in elevated or fractured soil, which makes the tree unstable. Fungus in the area may indicate trunk or root rot, which weakens and destabilizes the tree. As might bulges and fractures in the trunk, cavities or hollow spots close to the base of the trunk can also signify a loss of strength.

Check the Canopy

Finally, examine the tree’s crown for dead branches. Although older, larger trees will have some dead branches in the canopy, the amount and location of these will help tip you off to the tree’s strength. Dead branches lower down on the tree are usually a result of lack of sunlight and they will be naturally shed, but a number of dead or dying branches at the top of the canopy typically means the tree is dying.

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