How Often You Need a Tree Cutting Service

Cut Trees at the Right Time

Sometimes trees need an extra bit of care and shaping to ensure that they remain healthy and are not a safety hazard to you and your family. A tree service is a great way to do this! But how often do you need to have a tree cutting service?

Trees Age and Size

One way to determine how often you need a tree cutting service is to assess the tree’s age and size. As trees age they tend to become overgrown and need to be cut back and trimmed to avoid potential hazards. If the tree is mature and taller than average, you may need a more frequent tree trimming service. You may also need to call a tree service more often if the tree’s branches or leaves are scraping or hanging onto other structures or plants on your property.


The condition of the tree and its environment can also be a determining factor in how often you should get a tree work service. If there are signs of disease, infestation, or decay in the tree, then you may need to call a tree service sooner. Additionally, if the tree is in a location where its branches or leaves could pose a safety risk, it’s a good idea to get it trimmed more often. This includes if the tree is near powerlines, roadways, sidewalks, or buildings.

Type of Tree

Finally, the type of tree can determine how often you need to call a tree service. Some trees, such as willow or magnolia, are generally more prone to becoming overgrown and need more regular tree trimming. Trees that are prone to tree diseases, such as elms or oaks, may require more frequent tree trimming to prevent the spread of the disease.

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