The Dangers of DIY Tree Trimming

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Do you realize that one of the world’s deadliest occupations is tree-cutting? Although DIY trimming may appear simple, the procedure is actually very complex and calls for a thorough knowledge of tree physics, biology, sophisticated tree-cutting techniques, and prior experience with potentially dangerous weapons like chainsaws. Some dangers of undertaking tree trimming on your own include the following:


If you come into contact with an electric wire, you might suffer serious injuries or perhaps pass away. It is simple to make a mistake while estimating a branch’s length or a tree’s height. Always notify your electric company in advance if there’s a chance that electricity lines may be impacted so that the firm’s experts can come to your home and provide advice. You jeopardize electrocution even if you believe there is adequate space if the wind pushes a branch into a power line while you are pruning it.

Being Struck

It will be unfortunate if you are hit by falling trees or limbs. A wrong cut might cause the tree to collapse in an unexpected place. Always prepare two escape routes in advance in case the tree begins to grow in the incorrect direction. The earth is violently smacked by a falling tree. especially if there is a lot of nearby dead timber, branches, and limbs shaking. Broken branches when thrown may travel in an amazing array of paths. Always secure a hard helmet, and never turn your back on a tree that is about to fall.


If you fall down from a tree, you might get serious injuries. The need to enter the tree may arise while cutting branches or removing dead or approaching limbs. Use the appropriate safety ropes and harnesses at all times when climbing. Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, a hard helmet, gloves, and the proper work shoes are all required for this outfit. Check to be sure there aren’t any electrical cables around or within the tree before you climb it.

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