Ways to Prune Evergreen Magnolia Trees by a Professional Tree Service

Evergreen Magnolia Trees: Proper Pruning

Magnolias are damage-prone racehorse plants with flowering specimen trees that occasionally need their branches pruned. Careful pruning may be required to shape the tree or shrub and keep it looking its best, even if there are no damaged branches to remove. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to keep in mind that magnolias are quite sensitive to pruning and will quickly hurt if they are not pruned appropriately. The magnolia can get burned from over-pruning. The correct methods for pruning an evergreen magnolia tree, as recommended by tree pruning service experts, are listed below.

Pruning at Planting Time

After planting, trim lower branches with pruning shears or loppers. The objective is to promote this upward growth and a pyramidal structure because evergreen varieties are frequently towering, upright trees. To start with a decent shape, excessively long branches should be cut back at planting time.

Identify Dead Wood and Remove It

Even though you might have noticed this the year before, it may be difficult to tell which branches are dead when pruning an evergreen magnolia in the early spring. By using a sharp knife to cut through the bark of suspected limbs, it is simple to distinguish between living and dead branches. The branch is likely alive if there is a coating of green stuff just beneath the bark; otherwise, it is likely dead. To maintain the general symmetry of the tree, these branches should be cut back to the main trunk or a fork in a major limb.

Trim to Shape

For evergreen types, lightly prune in the early spring. At this point, pruning should focus on preserving the pyramidal shape of the tree. Trim branches to the tree’s natural fork. When cutting through huge branches, start from the underside and move to the halfway point before switching to the top side to complete the cut through the branch and avoid bark peeling. You might find it more convenient to cut the branch in half around six inches from the fork. After removing the bulk of the branch, trim the small stub flush with the fork.

Eliminate Water Sprouts and Suckers

However, when they do, use pruning shears to cut them off flush with the ground, trunk, or branch. Evergreen varieties are less likely than deciduous varieties to sucker.

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