What Tree Service Providers Want You to Know About Ornamental Tree Pruning

Learning the Basics of Ornamental Tree Pruning!

Ornamental tree pruning is the ongoing process of shaping and maintaining ornamental trees in order to improve their appearance. It’s an important part of caring for your yard, and it’s something that you can do with a little help from experts! Here’s what professional tree service providers want you to know about ornamental tree pruning:

Ornamental Trees Are Living Sculptures

Ornamental trees are living sculptures, and their pruning is focused on maintaining their natural beauty. Ornamental tree pruning helps you shape the tree into its most pleasing form while maintaining its health and vigor. You can prune ornamental trees to grow into a variety of shapes that you like.

It’s a Winter Project

The best time to prune ornamental trees is in the winter. Trees that are pruned during their dormant season can heal better and will be less likely to suffer from disease or insect infestations. You also won’t have to worry about damaging newly-formed buds when you trim your tree, which could cause it not to blossom properly in spring. And because there are fewer leaves on ornamental trees in winter than at other times of the year, it’s easier for you to get a good look at what needs cutting off!

Must Be Done With Sharp Tools

Ornamental pruning should be done with sharp tools. This is important because using a dull tool can make it more difficult to cut through the wood, which can lead to damaging the plant or yourself. A clean tool will help you avoid injury from splinters and other debris that may be present on an old blade or handle. If you’re going to use an old one, inspect it carefully for signs of damage or wear before starting work.

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