When Do You Need a Reliable Tree Trimming Service?

3 Obvious Signs Your Trees Need Urgent Trimming

So, it’s the end of winter, and your trees look a little lifeless again. They might need good pruning! Did you know that spring is the best time for you to engage a professional tree trimming contractor? Here are the three telltale signs:

Broken Branches

Unusual damage can be the number one reason for tree pruning. The first sign that a tree needs trimming is when it looks misshapen and has dead or broken branches after a storm. Instead of leaving them to bow or lean and threaten your safety and that of your house, you better call a tree contractor ASAP. They will take down all those unsafe and dangerous limbs to avoid further breakdowns.

Dead or Diseased Branches

Whether you have young or mature tree species in your yard, they may suffer from some disease that makes the whole structure unstable. Although professional arborists can treat most of those diseases, you will want to remove the infected area of the tree as soon as possible. Depending on the particular cause, they may want to cut down the whole tree for safety reasons, especially if it’s already dead.

Branches Close to Electrical Lines

You must have seen a lot of technicians working on high and dangerous trees in the proximity. They usually just cut the top branches, but sometimes, they trim the whole structure of the tree. Any tree work done near power lines must be performed by a proficient contractor. They possess the necessary equipment and skill set to get the job done safely.

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